Our Mission

Our San Francisco-based team specializes in Health Care Advocacy and Advanced Care Planning. We provide comprehensive and deeply personal medical planning to individuals and families who are focused on achieving maximum health and preserving their quality of life.

Good Medicine is different.

We are unbiased.
We present you with options so you can make informed decisions with your health care providers.
We are proactive.
We prepare you and your family for unexpected events and transitions in health care.
We focus on you.
We provide patient-centered medical support that aligns with your personal goals, values and beliefs.


“I am comfortable knowing that my wishes are clearly understood and will be carried out no matter what my state of health and mind may be… And what wonderfully nice folks they are! Thank you again Good Medicine. — S.Z., San Francisco, CA”
“Good Medicine was invaluable in their ability to explain to me and my wife the issues and choices we faced and helped guide us in the confusing environment of the hospital. — S.F., San Francisco, CA”
“I don’t know quite how we would have fared  without your sensitivity, expertise in medicine, compassion and caring about us, skill and competence in facilitating our family meetings. For all of that and more, I say ‘thank you’—from both of us.– K.K., Santa Rosa, CA”
“Good Medicine acted quickly to help me and my family deal with my husband’s last days… providing a shouldering strength I could not have possibly asked of my immediate family. — E.C., San Francisco, CA”

Our Team

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